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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hafiz Hashim - Juara All-England

Malay to English translation

Hafiz Hashim: The Mind and skills After a few days do not write above factors rushing duties, but today I write back.
Terdetik the heart to write a sports development issues related to homeland ini.Sejak was also the last 4-5 days is often shown in the gymnasium news about Hafiz Hashim stated his desire to join the club after nine years with KLRC Nusa Mahsuri. Among his reasons for leaving Nusa Mahsuri is to change the wind.

25 year-old player is now the world's 24th ranked player had shocked the world when the All-England champion in the history of the youngest (age 20) in 2003. However, after the big success of All-England, his name increasingly dim. No more major championships won. Picisan class championship just 3 or 4 stars only.

Actually there are a lot of disruption in his life that he can not make your mind focus on badminton. A first time after winning the All-England Championships, he is said to have 'interference' from the girlfriend. After another interruption arising pula.Terbaru married, he faced financial turmoil is said to cause deterioration of performance. Not denied financial problems if not handled properly can really make a person become clogged mind and disheveled. Financial problems is what makes him want to change the wind to a new club.

Nusa Mahsuri also do not want to release because he still think he is a gem that was worth them. Hafiz is not denied that talented big players, age can still be considered young. Opportunity to advance in badminton is still wide open to it if he was willing to change. Changing paradigm minda.Di Nusa Mahsuri he was always surrounded by experts in the world of badminton as Misbun, Jalani and Rashid Sidek. But they are only experts in matters related to badminton skills alone. They are not experts in mind. They can not mind tangling meleraikan Hafiz.

So personally, I felt no profit if Hafiz migrate to a new club If the mind was still in the old notch. KLRC also because they are skilled only in the consequences of the game of badminton skills only. They also can not solve problems that nest in the minds Hafiz.Jika Hafiz can remove all the problems in the fiber head and a focus on badminton tournament which will be accompanied, it is the best. For sure success will come victory and prize money will indirectly solve the financial problems he faced during ini.Melayu Can! Malay Boleh!

In quotes from [http://aurakaya.blogspot.com]
Hafiz Hashim: Antara Minda dan Skil Setelah beberapa hari tidak menulis atas faktor kesibukan tugas, maka hari ini saya kembali menulis. Terdetik di hati untuk menulis berkaitan dengan isu perkembangan sukan tanahair pula kali ini.Sejak 4-5 hari yang lepas sering terpampang di ruangan sukan berita berkenaan Hafiz Hashim menyatakan keinginannya untuk menyertai kelab KLRC selepas sembilan tahun bersama Nusa Mahsuri. Antara alasan beliau untuk meninggalkan Nusa Mahsuri ialah untuk mengubah angin.
Pemain berusia 25 tahun itu kini merupakan pemain ranking 24 dunia pernah mengejutkan dunia apabila menjadi juara All-England termuda dalam sejarah (usia 20 tahun) pada tahun 2003. Namun selepas kejayaan besar All-England, nama beliau semakin malap. Tiada lagi kejohanan besar yang dimenanginya. Sekadar kejohanan picisan bertaraf 3 atau 4 bintang sahaja.
Sebenarnya terdapat banyak gangguan dalam hidupnya yang membuatkan minda beliau tidak boleh fokus pada badminton. Satu masa dulu selepas menjuarai Kejohanan All-England, beliau dikatakan mendapat 'gangguan' dari teman wanitanya. Selepas berumahtangga timbul gangguan lain pula.Terbaru, kemelut kewangan yang dihadapi beliau dikatakan punca kemerosotan prestasinya. Tidak dinafikan masalah kewangan jika tidak ditangani dengan baik memang boleh membuatkan fikiran seseorang menjadi buntu dan kusut. Masalah kewangan inilah yang membuatkan beliau ingin berubah angin ke kelab baru.
Nusa Mahsuri pula tidak mahu melepaskan beliau kerana masih beranggapan beliau adalah permata yang bernilai buat mereka. Tidak dinafikan Hafiz adalah pemain yang berbakat besar, umurnya masih boleh dianggap muda. Peluang untuk maju dalam badminton masih terbuka luas padanya jika beliau sanggup berubah. Berubah paradigma minda.Di Nusa Mahsuri beliau memang sentiasa dikelilingi oleh pakar-pakar dalam dunia badminton seperti Misbun, Jalani dan Rashid Sidek. Tapi mereka ini hanya pakar dalam hal-hal berkaitan dengan skil badminton semata-mata. Mereka bukanlah pakar dalam bidang minda. Mereka tidak mampu meleraikan kekusutan minda Hafiz.
Di petik dari [http://aurakaya.blogspot.com]

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